Dong bo NOS chain adopted oil-contained sintered bushing which made considerable improvement of durability through self-lubricating ability with no need of additional lubrication. Choice of NOS chain can be optimum to the environment of limited or inapplicable lubrication.
Economic chain
-Extended life by 40 times at low speed of 30M/min and by 10 times at normal 90M/min comparing to standard roller chain.
-As extended life saves costs for frequent changes of chains, NOS is considered as the most economic and effective chain in this point.
Environmentally Friendly Chain
-Thanks to no needs of lubrication surroundings are prevented from being polluted by lubricant, and low noise also contributes to better working enviroment.
-Improved anti-corrosion by special coating on surface of the chain
Compatible Chain
-Identical design to standard roller chain, with same dimensions and same specifications; no need to change related equipments.
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Result of wear test
NOS Chain