Leaf Chains (also called fleyer chains or tension linkage chains) are made for high load, slow speed tension linkage applications and generally have greater tensile strength than roller chains.

They are specified for reciprocating motion lifting devices such as fork lifts or as counterweight chains for machine tools, elevators or telescoping equipment such as cranes.
Dong Bo Leaf chains are available in two series; AL and BL.
AL and BL series leaf chains are made according to the ANSI B29.8 American Standard and these chains are supplied with male of female terminations to allow addition of various clevises as desired.: LL Type (based on British Standard) can be supplied on a made-to-order basis.

<Dong Bo Leaf Chain>  
Long Life
Best Resistance to wear
Compact Design
High Fatigue Strength

<Design Features>


Plates are made from a heat-treated, refined special carbon steel which can withstand sudden loads and provides maximum resistance to breakage


Pins are manufactured from a case-hardened high quality alloy steel to increase the wear life of the chain.