Free Flow Chain ( also called free conveyor chains, Fly roller chains or accumulation chains) are used in a wide variety of applications such as automatic assembly lines, car assembly plants or electronics industry.
Dong Bo Chain, as a leader in korean chain manufacturing with over 45 years of experience provides high quality free flow conveyor chains with many advantages.

- best prise/quality ratio
- quite operation
- long life
- wide selection
- Double Plus Chain
- Standard Top Roller Chain
- Side Roller Chain
- Center Roller Chain

<Double plus Chain>

Double plus Chain (also called Triple Speed chains) are used typically on accumulating assembly line conveyors. This chain operates in a specially designed aluminum track. Small rollers turn the large rollers by friction as the chain travels in the track causing materials on the top of the chain to travel at approximately 2.5 times the linear speed of the chain. Double Plus Chain are available with 'snap covers' to keep particles out, in resin rollers and with protective coatings (nickel, chromium plating).
The best solution for preventing jamming

<Top & Side Roller Chain>

Dong Bo chain manufactures wide range of top and side roller chains for every application: Hardened steel rollers for automotive application and resin rollers for quite operation in electronics industry
DBC Top Roller Chain
DBC Side Roller Chain

<Center Roller Chain>

- The Chain speed is same as conveyed objects.
- The Chain can convey objects with more stability, because it has lower center of gravity than Top Roller Chain's.
- Available in option 'Environment Resistant Chain series'