- ANSI Standard Series
- BS/DIN Standard Series
- Heavy Series
- Super Heavy Series
- Straight Side Plate Chain
- KilowattRatingTables
Based on 45 years of experiences and technological development, Dong Bo Chain is the leading supplier of both standard and specialty conveyor chain in Korea. Our close quality control system enable each procedure to allow qualified products only to be passed and it assures of the maintenance. (more info. see DBC Technology)
All Dong Bo Standard Roller Chain incorporates the following features to easily exceed ANSI Standard:

Strict quality control assisted by modern equipment

Uniformly consistent heat-treatment
- Chain durability depends to a great extent on the heat-treatment of various parts. Our modern heat-treatment methods and equipment guarantees high durability of Dong Bo roller chains.

Shot-Peened Parts
- Link plates and rollers are shot peened for greater fatigue strength.
Solid Rollers offering improved chain life

Factory Pre-Loading eliminating initial stretch
- Dong Bo roller chains are continuously pre-loaded on multi-sprockets This results in minimum initial stretch

- A special lubrication is applied by Dong Bo to bearing surfaces by hot dipping to extend chain life.

Automated Manufacturing Process