- Strict quality management system assured by
  ISO 9001:2000 certificate acquisition
- KS(Korean Standard) certificate acquired
  products with advanced quality
- Complete technical aid from laying out stage
- Thorough & step by step quality inspection on
  material up to finished product
DongBo Chain became the first chain & sprocket manufacturer in Korea who acquired KS Certificate applicable to power transmission roller chain. Advancing steadily, we have been approved by LLOYD's Register Quality Assurance to ISO 9002 in 1995, and to ISO 9001:2000 in 2002 for overall quality management system of design, development, manufacturing, installation and after sales service. We DBC take these for parts of fruits drew by quality priority principle continued for more than 40 years.
Our ultimate philosophy of Quality Assurance is 'Customers' requests decide our quality standard', which starts from a principle that 'customers' expectations to DBC only can lead us to a bright future'.
Our utmost aim both at products and at company organization is pointed to Quality which does not only mean quality of the product but also does that of extensive properties such as professional advice, fully satisfactory after-sales service, supplying products with the most competitive and reasonable pricing.

Our fundamental policy Producing the most qualified chain used in all the industrial fields'lasts as our first and final goal unchanged in the past, at present and in the future.
We never pass over even a minor point in quality assurance.

All the production procedures from selecting raw material to producing components, assembly, heat treatment and to completing are repeatedly inspected & computerized so that recorded & verified. A close inspection enable each procedure to allow qualified products only to be passed and it assures of the maintenance.
Up-to-date measuring and experimental machines/tools we possess are being a guideline of strict quality standard management.
Passed strict quality tests, DBC chain is armed with high grade of fatigue strength and tensile strength(even better than Korean Standard's by up to 30%).